TV reporter gets vomited on during Ironman competition

Danny Woods
July 6, 2017

Did you get puked on by strangers on live TV? No?

Since 1974, Hermosa Beach locals, and not-so-local, have tested their man- and womanhood against one another in a contest for the ages: run a mile, paddle a mile (prone), then chug a six-pack of beer.

A KTLA-TV reporter's assignment at an area beach turned rancid in real time after someone's vomit flew into frame and all over the reporter and her subject during a live interview.

For those who can stomach such visuals, a clip of the reporter's live vomit lead-in can be viewed below. Answer: SO MUCH. Because the L.A. ironman competition is an event filled with topless men performing feats of athleticism and chugging beer. Yay! And Burch was tasked with covering it. Did she vomit in response to being vomited on?

"I've been training for this for about 25 years", he responded.

TV reporter gets vomited on during Ironman competition

It was a case of wrong place, wrong time for one USA reporter who was vomited on during a live TV broadcast at a Fourth of July beach celebration.

According to Mashable, Burch was reporting live from Los Angeles' Hermosa Beach, when the man she was interviewing was thrown up on.

'This is getting ugly.

Recalling the event in the Huffington Post, Wendy wrote: 'My hope was that (the interviewee's) broad... ah, erh... shoulders, could shield our morning viewers from the ups - and from what wasn't staying down - in this competition. What I didn't notice until later, is that he had a bullseye drawn on his back with the words "puke here" written in magic marker.

Immediately after she got hit by the flying vomit, the video froze up and the anchors back in the studio reacted exactly how you figured they would.

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