'That's not you': What Arya really said to her direwolf

Danny Woods
July 29, 2017

She originally was heading to King's Landing to cross Cersei off of her kill list after having served the Frey family her own Red Wedding revenge cocktail, but Arya later changed her mind and declared that she was returning home to Winterfell. In the books, Nymeria becomes leader of a very big wolf pack that roams the Riverlands, but until Sunday, she hadn't been seen again on the show.

The last time we saw Nymeria was in Season 1, when she wounded then-Prince Joffrey in defense of Arya and Mycah, Arya's sword-fighting partner. Nymeria don't/won't follow Arya's steps anymore. Arya asks her wolf to rejoin her and head north, but Nymeria turns and leads her pack away.

According to showrunner D.B. At first watching, these two scenes don't have anything in common-but what if Sansa wasn't really referring to no one when she said "no one"?

"Arya's not domesticated and it makes total sense that her wolf wouldn't be either". Once the wolf walks away, at first she's heartbroken to have come this close.

Williams was recently cast in the upcoming X-Men film New Mutants, and in an interview with ET Online, Turner, who is also part of the X-Men family, expressed some doubts about the sister reunion on Game of Thrones - but she was more optimistic for a reunion elsewhere. "So they nearly just regard each other and go their separate ways". Indeed the episodes may be long and last around an hour, they could sometimes be much more and show us even more things.

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Viewers were left ecstatic when Arya was confronted with the pack of wolves in the middle of the woods led by Nymeria, and many took to social media to discuss the happy if fleeting moment.

Though Nymeria rejected Arya's offer of companionship in this episode, it's possible that she'll be back again before the show ends. Since we last had Arya in the Riverlands she's had all these insane adventures. Arya dreams of Nymeria and, at one point, they seem to howl to one another in the wilderness.

After the trailer for the episode generated mass excitement among fans wanting to see the feisty Arya reunited with her beloved pet, the reality turned out to be somewhat disappointing.

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