'Spider-Man: Homecoming' delivers humor, adventure fun

Danny Woods
July 17, 2017

With the critical and commercial success Spider-Man: Homecoming has had over its first week in theatres, it's probably safe to say that actor Tom Holland is one of Hollywood's rising stars.

Speculations about their relationship started after a source told PEOPLE that Holland and Zendaya, who starred as Peter Parker/Spider-Man and Michelle "MJ" Jones, respectively, in the recently released "Spider-Man: Homecoming" were dating.

There's always a way to bring a character back, so Holland's wish for Maguire's return may not be as farfetched as some think.

The story is well crafted, taking us back to a high-school Peter Parker, who is still coming to terms with his newfound powers in a bid to make it into The Avengers on a permanent basis.

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Robbie Daymond will voice Parker and Spider-Man in the new series, while Max Mittelman will portray his friend-turned-rival Harry Osborn. Between that and the Queens locations, this might be the Marvel film that seems most like real life. Despite all the discussions over Aunt May being significantly younger than she's been in previous versions, she's sadly underused here. Laura Harrier is well balanced as Peter's love interest Liz and Bokeem Woodbine (Fargo Season 2) is solid as The Vulture's right-hand-man The Shocker.

On the flip side, with Spider-Man being such a well-known entity in this universe, criminals also have a good grasp on what he can accomplish, providing players with plenty of challenging encounters. Also, Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield began dating after filming 2012's "The Amazing Spider-Man". It contributes to the sheer fun of watching the film, but none of the humour takes anything away from a fast-paced action adventure that underpins it all.

The Insomniac Games-developed, Marvel's Spider-Man is slated to launch sometime in 2018, arriving exclusively for the PlayStation 4.

"Homecoming" became this year's most viewed foreign film in South Korea in just 10 days after its opening, its local distributor said Sunday.

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