NASA Doesn't Have the Money to Land Humans on Mars

Gwen Vasquez
July 14, 2017

In his address, Gerstenmaier explained that going by NASA's budget allocated to it by the U.S. government, it is simply unfeasible to launch a crew to the Red Planet.

Therefore, according to the Science Alert website, "NASA hasn't even been able to begin designing vehicles to land on Mars".

Mr Gerstenmaier's admission comes just days after Vice President Mike Pence said that the USA will "usher in a new era" of American space leadership, but budget cuts for Nasa from the Trump Administration seem to have taken its toll.

NASA's chief of human spaceflight William Gerstenmaier said that the space agency's current budget can not afford the cost required for a manned mission to Mars.

Meanwhile, Gerstenmaier was more welcome to the idea of NASA contributing to the establishment of a lunar base.

On March 21, President Donald Trump issued a mandate for the agency to get people to Mars by the 2030s, and within a week, NASA came up with a detailed plan for landing a human on the Red Planet.

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"I can't put a date on humans on Mars, and the reason really the budget levels we described, this roughly 2 percent increase, we don't have the surface systems available for Mars", said Gerstenmaier at a meeting of the American Institute for Aeronautics and Astronautics today.

NASA's new space toys, including the Space Launch System and spacecraft Orion, are expensive endeavors meant to get us close to Mars.

National space Agency lacks the money for landing on the surface of Mars.

Likely to landing humans on Mars will need to attract commercial space companies such as SpaceX.

"NASA is in the middle of building the rocket and testing its components", he said of the technology, called the Space Launch System, or SLS.

Cost estimates for a manned mission to Mars vary depending on the sources.

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