'Lion King' Live-Action Film's Opening Scene Shown at D23!

Danny Woods
July 17, 2017

He joins Donald Glover as Simba, Billy Eichner as Timon, Seth Rogan as Pumba and John Oliver as Zazu.

Jackman has completed his tenure as Wolverine in the X-Men franchise, so there's every possibility that he may be seeking a new franchise to hang his hat on. While castings for the upcoming Disney live-action remake of Aladdin left visitors swirling, whispers of Hugh Jackman's role in the Lion King spread through the expo despite not having an official announcement.

"We know how important this is", director Jon Favreau (who helped pioneer the naturalism of The Jungle Book) said.

'Lion King' Live-Action Film's Opening Scene Shown at D23!

He can get that grizzled voice down pat and is distinct enough from Jeremy Irons' original - so it all makes sense. Then fuel was added to the fire when Jackman tweeted at Disneyland with the caption "partners".

Who do you think should play the voice of Scar? The Lion King, which was an animated feature, is now being made as live-action film. Unfortunately, for now it seems as if this claim doesn't hold water but fans still have hope for Jackman. He's making Lion King (scheduled for a July 19, 2019 release) on a bluescreen stage in Los Angeles, again using virtual production techniques by reteaming with Jungle Book's Oscar winning VFX supervisor Rob Legato and lead VFX house MPC and VFX house Weta. With Disney's live-action panel at D23 set to begin any moment, this could be confirmed very quickly.

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