Game of Thrones cut a scene featuring Jon and Ghost from 'Stormborn'

Danny Woods
July 29, 2017

While everyone was predicting a Stark family reunion this season, the reappearance of Arya's direwolf Nymeria was unexpected and moving.

Now that Jon has left them alone in Winterfell, we don't know what could happen next.

There are many signs pointing to a sister reunion this season.

Last week, Game of Thrones fans obsessed over Sansa's hair after realising she sported a similar hairstyle to Cersei in the season 7 premiere. Knowing that Nymeria would be executed in the aftermath of the incident, Arya threw rocks at her companion, exiling her into the wilderness in order to save her life. First things first, Arya is already on her way back home.

But it is looking likely that she's on her way to Sansa.

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Alas, it seems like this ideal dream may never come true.

Monday's episode appeared to offer another clue, when fans noticed she wore a necklace similar to the one she started wearing at the end of season 4, when she lies about her own aunt Lysa Arryn's death to cover up for Littlefinger (even though he didn't really ask her to) and she willingly rides with him into the Vale. There is a chance that they may be able to put aside their differences and let the fact that they are family bind them together and protect them from any sister squabbles.

Here's the evidence: Do you remember when Arya killed the Waif during her training with the Faceless Men? Game of Thrones is so cryptic and complicated that a theory like this is totally possible. Said Turner, "It would be awesome if they could crossover at some point but I think we have more of a chance in the Marvel Universe than on Game of Thrones because we're not about happy endings on Game of Thrones".

When presented with this picturesque future by Ned in Season 1, Arya responded, "That's not me".

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