ESPN to televise OJ Simpson parole hearing

Danny Woods
July 17, 2017

USA Today reports that the parole is mostly determined by a "points system", and any personal feelings the parole board has about Simpson's past murder trial involving Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman will be ignored.

Simpson was sentenced in December 2008 to 33 years in prison with a minimum of nine years before he would be eligible for parole. Galanter called that "the clearest indicator" Simpson will be granted parole on the remaining counts Thursday.

Despite the notoriety that came from the murder trial, as well as being the 1968 Heisman Trophy victor and Hall of Fame running back for the Bills, two former chairs of the Nevada parole board told NBC News Simpson will be treated simply as "Inmate #1027820". He will participate through video conference from Lovelock Correctional Center. If paroled - which legal pundits say is possible, even likely - he could be released October 1.

O.J. Simpson could be released from prison this year, after spending nearly a decade behind bars.

Simpson's parole hearing takes place on July 20. now locked up because he broke into a Las Vegas hotel room on September 13, 2007, and stole at gunpoint sports memorabilia the he claimed was his. On Thursday, the board will consider parole on the other charges, including kidnapping, robbery, and assault with a deadly weapon.

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"He's going to get parole", Yale Galanter, who represented Simpson during the 2008 trial, told USA Today.

The 70-year-old former National Football League player was sentenced to a minimum of nine years and a maximum of 33 years in prison, for kidnapping and burglary in 2008.

Another former parole board chairman, Thomas Patton, told NBC that the current board will not be swayed "by something that was put out in a media context". The parole board, for example, has said it will issue a decision Thursday so to minimize distractions. In the rare case of a three-three tie, parole would be denied for six months and a new hearing would be held next January. In either case, a decision is expected on the day of the hearing. If the board votes against him, Simpson could stay in prison until 2022.

Simpson will have the opportunity to speak directly to the parole board on July 20, and try to convince them that he should be released.

"My advice to him would be to live out the rest of your life", the lawyer said.

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