Australia's foreign minister took a dig at Trump's physical condition

Frederick Owens
July 17, 2017

ELEANOR BEARDSLEY, BYLINE: The Bastille Day parade was the crowning event in a two-day visit packed with pomp and ceremony.

President Trump staunchly defended his eldest son in Paris on Thursday over his sit down with a Russian lawyer offering dirt on Hillary Clinton during the presidential race, insisting that most people in his position would have done the same thing. "The American president could come to his senses and realize that he has just thrown away the opportunity for the lead the technological revolution that is about to usher in a zero-carbon economy". Especially since, this year, American soldiers had been invited to march alongside their French counterparts to mark the 100th anniversary of the US entry into the First World War. It was meant to impress, and it clearly hit the mark.

Minister Julie Bishop spotlighted Trump's physical shape during an interview with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation on Sunday after being asked if she'd have been "flattered or offended" to receive such a remark.

BEARDSLEY: The French media closely followed the Trumps' visit with the Macrons. Both presidents stressed their personal friendship.

In response to the cringeworthy interaction, Reebok posted an elaborate subtweet in the form of a handy chart created to help people determine when it's appropriate to utter the words Trump spoke to Macron's wife.

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BEARDSLEY: Apolline de Malherbe is a political analyst for BFMTV. The video also shows President Trump quoting to Mr Macron about her wife treating him well.

APOLLINE DE MALHERBE: (Through interpreter) Macron doesn't want Trump to become too isolated.

It was also aimed at Trump himself, who has said that Paris has been ruined by the threat of terrorism, which he ties to immigrants.

During the G20 Summit in Hamburg recently, Trump was visibly isolated as the 19 other member nations signed a policy blueprint to implement Paris accord.

Recall: Back in December, the foremost climate activist in the United States, Al Gore, ascended the golden elevator at Trump Tower at daughter Ivanka Trump's request to discuss climate change with the president-elect.

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