Trump offers 'warm support' to Theresa May after United Kingdom election setback

Gladys Abbott
June 12, 2017

Donald Trump called Theresa May to congratulate her on her return to Downing Street after shock losses in the general election saw the Conservatives fail to form a majority Government.

Talks between her party and the DUP progressed on Saturday after Tory Chief Whip Gavin Williamson was sent to Belfast to negotiate a deal.

Numerous party members are also uncomfortable with the kind of deal that will have to be struck with the DUP, a socially conservative party that takes an opposing stance on issues such as abortion and same sex marriages.

A tumultuous week in British politics has concluded with rumors of civil war among the Conservative party, contradictory statements from Downing St. and the DUP about their alliance, and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn making bold predictions.

In a resignation message on the ConservativeHome website, Mr Timothy said: "I take responsibility for my part in this election campaign, which was the oversight of our policy programme".

After speculation the PM would use a solid win in the election to move Philip Hammond from the Treasury, he and other potential successors as Tory leader, Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, and Home Secretary Amber Rudd, remained in place.

She put on a courageous face, refusing to show any contrition for the election gamble that spectacularly backfired, but observers say she has been deeply wounded.

It means the Democratic Unionist Party - a small party in Northern Ireland - is now the kingmaker, with an unexpected chance to have a big say in Britain's divorce from the European Union.

The admission comes amid calls for Conservatives leader Theresa May to resign, both within her party and among voters.

The possible delays come as critics call for cross-party discussions to reach a consensus on the EU after the election undercut May's drive for a "hard Brexit" that would take the United Kingdom out of the European single market.

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The DUP's support would allow Theresa May's minority government to pass legislation more easily.

With talks between the Tories and the DUP expected to begin within days, Sinn Fein's Alex Maskey expressed concern about the impact of any deal on the peace process.

A strong showing for Labour in the election was capped when the party snatched the final seat to declare, Kensington, by just 20 votes.

In Ireland, few see how the British government could remain an impartial guarantor of Northern Ireland's power-sharing system while simultaneously doing deals with one of the groups involved.

As that realisation dawns on Labour and its activists, they will push to engineer another general election at the earliest opportunity.

She failed to express contrition for her gamble that spectacularly backfired, but newspaper headlines reflected the sense that she has been deeply wounded.

However, former Conservative party leaders warned against any immediate change, with Iain Duncan Smith saying leadership contest would be a "catastrophe".

The DUP won 10 electorates in Northern Ireland, so has 10 seats in Parliament - but overall it only got 292,316 votes.

May, however, finds herself forced into the most awkward arrangement with a party not just at odds with her on progressive issues but also potentially on Brexit and public spending too. "May stares into the abyss", wrote The Times, while Conservative-supporting The Sun tabloid said succinctly: "She's had her chips".

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