Snapchat Maps raise privacy concerns. Here's how to turn off your

Isaac Cain
June 27, 2017

Parents are being warned that an update to the popular app Snapchat could put your child in danger. Sounds cool right? But what if you're totally unaware you have this feature turned on to all your Snapchat friends and they can see you're every move. The "Snap Maps" feature was introduced into the application as part of a recent update, where it displays a map of nearby friends, that pin point a user's latest location gathered through their smart-phone's Global Positioning System sensor.

The feature is so exact it can pinpoint your location down to streets and buildings.

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What's all the fuss about Snapchat's new map feature?

Ghost Mode can be enabled from the settings menu, and will remain active until the user manually turns it off. "This sets up a potential scenario for stalking, harassment, and other risky activities with potentially harmful consequences". And one week is, apparently, all it took for Snap Map to actually start affecting. friendships?! And there are actual privacy and safety concerns when it comes to location sharing. From there, you'll be able to make adjustments. If you want to choose this option later, go to 'Select Friends...,' scroll down to 'All Friends, ' and tap '✓ Select All'. "It is essentially the parent's phone and you have to go in there and see exactly what they're doing". A map that shows your location will load. A user in Ghost Mode can still see other friends who share their location, but users in Ghost Mode are invisible to everyone in the Snapchat app. It has also created security concerns, particularly for parents whose children are using the app. Some of those tips include only sharing your location with people you know in person and regularly reviewing your settings and making an active decision about whether you want people to know your location. This allows friends to better find each other in town or surprise one another.

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