Shadow of the Colossus remaster announced for the PlayStation 4

Gwen Vasquez
June 14, 2017

It looked like every other garden variety Spidey game at first, but then we learned that Insomniac games, the team behind the creative and frantic Ratchet & Clank platformer series, were behind the wheel. The E3 presentation was clearly very scripted, but at least it's well choreographed, taking quite a few cues from Naughty Dog's recent fare. Fans and industry experts are expecting Spider-Man to swing by E3 this Monday too, but don't get too excited in case he's a no-show. There's plenty of Spider-Man stealth-attacking baddies from above, zipping from building to building with his web, and doing a bunch of fun-looking ground-based fights as well. More than a new console, games are what really allow a platform to sell.

Unfortunately, the biggest talking points were what was missing from the press conference.

The graphics and gameplay reflect a cinematic style of gaming that has been mimicked in many other PlayStation 4 exclusives, reminiscent of the Uncharted franchise and The Last of Us. Who had the best games?

Opening with the Indian instrument version of the Uncharted theme and water effects, the Sony press conference looked like it was gearing up to be as epic as a year ago.

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All of these games look like they have the potential to be incredible experiences that you'll only be able to get on PlayStation but Sony didn't linger on them long enough for me to get a sense that they're a big deal.

Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe (SIEE) has gone forward with filing several different patents, including one for Shadow of the Colossus and a game called The Inpatient.

Last year's E3 Media briefing focussed heavily on selling the virtues of PlayStation VR and PS4 Pro, even if it was still crammed with incredible games.

There was also a raft of VR titles, showing that Sony is committed to supporting its headset first-party, which alongside Skyrim VR from Bethesda and titles from Ubisoft, is a great boon both to owners and to further headset sales. But even now, you can see the genius in Microsoft's strategy of making Xbox more than just a console play.

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