Salma Hayek on Donald Trump: 'I told him I had a boyfriend'

Danny Woods
June 16, 2017

But, predictably the charm didn't last long. The 50-year-old actress appeared on The Daily Show to promote her new movie Beatriz at Dinner and revealed Trump asked her out on a date even though he knew she had a boyfriend.

Here's how it went down.

"He's like, 'If you guys are in NY, you can come.stay in my hotel".

She turned around in surprise and saw her boyfriends and Trump sharing pleasantries. "You know I have a boyfriend". "You're tremendous and I will forever be your fan'". "You have to go out with me'".

Salma Hayek talks about Donald Trump pursuing her for a relationship. "Not important. He's not important; he's not big enough for you". Hayek said she was feeling a bit cold and that's when Trump placed his jacket over her shoulder. "You have to go out with me", she says Trump told her.

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Wow. What a top bloke. And then he kept talking to my boyfriend'.

Beatriz (Salma Hayek), a Mexican immigrant, has been working at a medical center in Pasadena, California for years using her healing hands to help patients that have debilitating illnesses.

In addition to being an absolutely bad president, Donald Trump is also a pretty shitty pick-up artist. On the event night, they did not speak but a few days later Salma got a call from Donald Trump asking her out. She implied on a Spanish radio show that he had gone as far as to plant a story in The National Enquirer to coerce her into agreeing to date him, which is terrifying territory.

In the film, Hayek plays a Mexican healer who finds herself at an intimate dinner party with her wealthy clients and their wealthier friends - including a ruthless real estate developer played by John Lithgow. I can't completely blame Hayek too much for her hopeless performance as the script and director have a lot to do with what's wrong in the movie. 'Can you believe this?

The first 10 or so minutes of this fleet, dialogue- and dialectic-heavy film, though, are mostly wordless, tracing the routine of Beatriz (Salma Hayek), a self-described health therapist who lives in Altadena with no humans but plenty of animals and religious symbols. He's an unsympathetic mogul who says what he wants, hunts big game for sport, and makes ethically questionable business deals without a second thought. "He didn't try to come and grab me", Hayek told Noah. The event was hosted by Gucci and benefited Madonna's charity.

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