Putin gives first interview with U.S

Frederick Owens
June 5, 2017

Russian President Vladimir Putin denied rumors he has compromising material on U.S. President Donald Trump and said Moscow did not interfere in the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

Putin's coy remark about patriotic Russian hackers added to concerns about that country's connection to the Trump administration. “Where would we get this information from? Putin asked. "We didn't have any relationship at all".

But the most notable thing about Putin this week, was when he admitted, on neither of above mentioned programs, for the very first time, that Russian citizens may have been involved in hacking the USA election.

"Why do you feel you have the rights to ask us these kinds of questions?" he demanded in response to her asking him about allegations of him running a repressive regime that jails dissidents and kills journalists. "Have you all lost your senses over there?"

Additionally, as previewed earlier in the day by Reuters, Putin also said that he barely interacted with Michael Flynn, Trumps former national security adviser, during a dinner in Moscow in 2015 when the pair were seated together.

Several senior US intelligence officers have said publicly that Russian spy agencies are responsible for interfering in last year's election, putting them at odds with President Donald Trump.

According to some people on the social media, Kelly let Putin own her interview, something that the NBC News reporter should have tried hard not to do. A special counsel appointed by the Justice Department and congressional committees are investigating.

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Former CIA director John Brennan said last month he had noticed contacts between Trump's campaign associates and Russian Federation during the 2016 election and grew concerned Moscow had sought to lure Americans down "a treasonous path". Then we talked about some other stuff. And then afterwards I was told, 'You know there was an American gentleman.

Russian President Vladimir Putin meets with representatives of foreign companies and business associations at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF), Russia, June 2, 2017.

Putin claimed that Russian Federation has a preference in an election but only reacts to the "political direction" that the United States seems to be heading in. He said there may have been non-Russian hackers from anywhere that simply blamed Russia.

Other guests at the table included Jill Stein, the US Green Party presidential candidate, and Cyril Svoboda, a former Czech deputy prime minister. "And such situations do occur in the history of the United States".

Mr Putin said the United States intelligence agencies had been misled over their findings. "That's the extent of my acquaintance with Mr. Flynn", he said.

Putin dredged up conspiratorial musings on the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, saying if USA intelligence services were capable of killing him, then they could have easily framed anyone for the election hacks - a theory now common among Trump and his supporters, who argue the "deep state" is sabotaging him for threatening global power-brokers.

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