London police arrest 6 as attack footage is released

Danny Woods
June 8, 2017

Meanwhile, 6 men were been arrested for terrorism offenses as voting began in Britain's national election. They have not been identified or charged.

Collina said she had spoken to Italy's anti-terrorism police previous year after her son was prevented from travelling to the Middle East, and that they were the ones to told her on Tuesday that her son had been one of the men who carried out the attack.

Youssef Zaghba, meanwhile, was detained previous year in Italy while trying to travel to Syria to fight for ISIS.

She added: "I don't want to ask for forgiveness in the name of Islam, because this is not Islam".

Shahid allegedly provided al-Qaida terror training to Mohammed Siddique Khan, one of the four suicide bombers who killed 52 people during London's morning rush hour in 2005.

The rampage was brought to an end when the trio were shot dead by armed police eight minutes after the first emergency call.

"I feel like I did what any other person would have done", he said. They worked in the same restaurant: Kentucky Fried Chicken in London's East Ham area.

At least two of the men were known to British intelligence and law-enforcement officials, raising questions about whether anything could have been done to prevent the assault.

An Italian prosecutor says Zaghba told authorities after being stopped previous year at Bologna's airport that he "wanted to be a terrorist", but then quickly corrected himself.

Zaghba was "not a police or MI5 subject of interest", the police said in a statement, but according to Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera, Italian intelligence had tipped off their British counterparts about his presence and frequent travels. He was also stopped at London's Stansted airport in January, but let go.

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Collina said she was convinced her son had been radicalised while living and working near London in recent years. He told a security guard he was "going to be a terrorist".

Zaghba aroused suspicion at the airport because he was travelling with only a small backpack and had a one-way ticket to Istanbul.

Collina said Zaghba was monitored by Italian intelligence agents each time he came to Italy to visit her after his initial run-in with airport authorities.

The Italian said that her son had shown her videos about Syria before his March 2016 attempt to board a flight for Turkey, apparently with the intention of reaching its conflict-torn neighbour. "You should not even look at anything a little bit unusual on the internet, you should see the right people and do the right things and it seemed like he was doing it", according to audio of her group interview provided by the ANSA news agency. She said she tried to keep him away from radical friends, but "he had the internet and from there he got everything".

Police found Islamic State propaganda material on his cellphone. "What happened? How can he possibly be on a Channel 4 programme and then committing atrocities like this?'", Johnson said on Sky News. "How can you say something sensible about things that are absolutely senseless?"

It is thought that Choudary played a key role in Butt's radicalization, according to a British government official who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to talk about the ongoing investigation.

Butt was seen as a heavyweight figure in the organization al-Muhajiroun, whose hardline views made him potentially one of the most unsafe extremists in the United Kingdom, sources told CNN on Tuesday.

The attack, and prior attacks in Manchester and near Parliament in London, have prompted Prime Minister Theresa May to call for tougher counterterrorism laws even if it means changing human rights protections.

Security has become a key issue in the run-up to Thursday's general election. Corbyn, the far-left leader of the opposition Labour Party, accused May of starving police and other security services of personnel and funds.

Associated Press writer Nicole Winfield in Rome contributed.

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