Iran claims its missiles hit IS targets in Syria

Frederick Owens
June 21, 2017

That led Russian Federation, a close ally of Syrian president Bashar Assad, to warn that it would target US-led coalition planes flying west of the Euphrates River.

In another sign of increasing friction between the US -led coalition and the force backing President Bashar Assad, a USA strike fighter shot down an unmanned "armed pro-regime" combat drone after it "displayed hostile intent" in southern Syria on Tuesday, the Pentagon said. The bomb landed a few hundred yards away and did not explode but the action was deemed a threat and the drone was shot down. In a statement, the Syrian military described the downing of its plane as an act of "blatant aggression" on the part of the United States and accused the U.S. of coordinating with ISIS.

The ADF said that operations in Iraq will continue as normal. When asked about the downing, White House Secretary Sean Spicer said that that United States wanted to keep an open line of communication with the Russians.

"Russia is certainly within its right to exercise within worldwide airspace, but we want them to respect global standards for safety to prevent accidents", said US Navy spokesperson Capt. Jeff Davis. "We remain available on our end".

"I'm confident that we are still communicating between our operations centre and the Russian Federation's operations centre".

Advances by the Syria-Russia-Iran axis offer the USA a way out of a bind over how to handle what follows the retaking of Raqqa.

"At 6:43 p.m., a Syrian regime SU-22 dropped bombs near SDF fighters south of Tabqah and, in accordance with rules of engagement and in collective self-defense of coalition partnered forces, was immediately shot down by a U.S. F/A-18E Super Hornet". Now in control of Syria's five largest cities, Assad is eyeing Deir el-Zour in the east, which has been besieged by IS since 2014.

Australia has suspended air combat missions over Syria after Russian Federation threatened that it would treat any plane from the US-led coalition flying west of the Euphrates river as a potential target.

Iran described the strike as revenge for attacks on Tehran earlier this month that killed at least 18 people and wounded more than 50, the first such IS assault in the country.

A spokesman for the Guard, Gen. Ramazan Sharif, said all six ballistic missiles hit their targets, citing "local sources" and drone footage.

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Sharif says the missile launch reflects Iran's "military power" though Iran has no intention of starting another war.

"I think we're getting closer and closer to open conflict with Iran and Russian Federation, and the American public needs to know that we're moving very fast toward what could be another war inside the Middle East", Murphy told anchor Alisyn Camerota on CNN's "New Day", "something by the way that Donald Trump promised he wouldn't do when he ran for office".

The ministry said it considers the US military's actions as a deliberate failure to fulfil its obligations under the Syria-US Security Memorandum of Understanding on Flight safety signed on 20 October 2015. The Bahraini cleric wrote religious justifications for the enslavement of hundreds of women from Iraq's Yazidi minority and helped establish the IS branch in Libya. FILE - This March 7, 2017 file frame grab from video provided by Arab 24 network, shows US forces patrolling on the outskirts of the Syrian town of Manbij, in Aleppo province, Syria. The truce was meant to be extended but now appears to have collapsed. No need to remember your password or log in, just click.

The Syrian military said that their plane was carrying out a combat mission against ISIS when it was shot down.

The official was not authorized to be quoted by name and spoke on condition of anonymity.

Daraa-based activist Ahmad al-Masalmeh says fighting is now underway in the city.

"We made every effort to warn those individuals not to come any closer and then the commander made a judgment that it was a threat to the forces that we are supporting and took action", Dunford said.

The activist-run Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported that government troops captured a hill west of the city and a former army base that was held by rebels. While the Assad government said the plane was on a mission against Islamic State militants, the USA claimed it dropped bombs near U.S. forces.

These battles are critical for Syria's future, Abdullah said, noting they will force the negotiate with the Assad government.

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