Indonesian police: 4 foreign inmates escape from Bali prison

Frederick Owens
June 19, 2017

An Australian, Bulgarian, Indian and Malaysian are missing from the Bali jail, police said, adding they are believed to have fled when Muslim prisoners were performing the dawn prayer.

The others are cited as Australian Shaun Edward Davidson jailed for passport fraud, Bulgarian Dimitar Nikolov imprisoned for ATM theft, and Indian national Sayed Muhammad, also in jail for meth smuggling. Below it was a hole, around 50cm by 75cm wide and 15 metres long, Kerobokan prison governor Tony Nainggolan said. "Shaun started growing a beard and moustache, we suspect to change his appearance", he said. "We found two buckets, some towels and sandals near it (the tunnel entrance)", he said.

The four escapees were serving sentences for different crimes.

It is believed the four made a dash for it through a tunnel found behind the jail's medical clinic.

Said and King are serving 14 and seven years, respectively, for drug offenses.

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A source at Kerobokan jail told Fairfax Media the foreigners had last been seen at sahur - the term for the predawn meal before fasting begins during Ramadan. "It is filled with water", the source said.

Shaun Edward Davidson waiting to be transferred to Kerobokan jail in Bali after being charged with possessing another person's identity and overstaying his visa in April a year ago.

Although his sentence was only for one year, he opted to spend an an extra five months in prison rather than pay the 10 million rupiah fine ($A10,000). He was arrested in April 2016 after he signed into a guest house in Kuta under the name Michael John Bayman from a passport.

The tower above the tunnel exit was not manned at the time due to a limited number of guards in the prison. As Reuters notes, prison escapes are fairly common in the Southeast Asian country.

Davidson is serving a one-year sentence for an immigration offense, while Iliev is serving a seven-year sentence for money laundering and another offense.

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