Father of Otto Warmbier, American held captive by North Korea, speaks out

Frederick Owens
June 28, 2017

In strong words, the father of an American college student who was detained in North Korea, slammed the country as a terroristic nation, but he had little to say about his son's condition.

Mr Warmbier, an economics student from the University of Virginia, was arrested in January 2016 while visiting North Korea as a tourist.

Fred Warmbier, father of Otto Warmbier, speaks during a news conference in Cincinnati, Ohio. "It depends on Otto's condition and what the North Koreans say about what happened, but if Otto is in a coma or damaged, there will be pressure in the Trump administration to act".

"We relied on this false premise that they would treat Otto fairly and let him go", he said. And, so, the fact that he was taken and treated this way is terrible, and it's tough to process.

"We're proud of him, too", some in the crowd shouted back.

"The burden of our ordeal has been eased by the support we have experienced, not only from our friends in Cincinnati, but through OH, at the University of Virginia, throughout the United States and, indeed, from around the world", Warmbier said.

Fred Warmbier spoke to the media about his son Otto's comatose state and imprisonment by the North Korean regime.

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Warmbier's father, Fred, held a press conference on the issue on Thursday.

Warmbier also expressed disbelief at North Korea's explanation for his son's condition. He does not believe North Korea's claim that his son's coma resulted from botulism and a sleeping pill.

After the family of Otto Warmbier, an American college student who was imprisoned in North Korea, spoke out on his return to OH, his doctors provided an update on his condition.

Earlier this month, North Korean officials told Joseph Yun - the State Department's special envoy to North Korea - that Warmbier had allegedly contracted botulism not long after his trial last March.

Warmbier's parents Fred and Cindy announced his release in a statement to CNN on Tuesday, saying that they were told their son was given a sleeping pill soon after his trial in March 2016 and never woke. He called for an investigation, and urges a forceful response if the investigation finds North Korea covered up Otto's condition and he resultantly did not get proper treatment.

It is believed that North Korea has been using the detentions as a bargaining chip in its negotiations with Washington. He then thanked Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, and President Trump for helping to bring his son home to them.

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