Days Gone Gameplay Trailer Revealed at Sony E3 2017 Event

Gwen Vasquez
June 13, 2017

We got to see our first look at some Days Gone gameplay and the game is what we expected it to be. Nonetheless, Days Gone is turning out to be a real head turner, and it certainly looks the part. He follows tracks into an enemy encampment, which he stealthily sneaks into, taking out enemies by luring them with loud noises and traps.

At this year's PlayStation Media Showcase, we've unveiled a new gameplay demo that offers a more intimate glimpse into Deacon's life as a mercenary in a world where nearly everything wants to kill him.

In the footage, we see protagonist Deacon set off in search of somebody called Manny, who got lost on a supply run. And they're the fast kind of zombies that run in herds towards the slightest sign of fresh human meat instead of lumbering slowly, which intensifies the horror.

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Developed by Studio Bend, Days Gone is a Playstation exclusive, with no release date announced at the time of writing.

To top it all off, there was an enormous zombie bear at the end. Stay tuned for more from E3 and PS4.

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