Vancouver Aquarium treating girl snatched by sea lion

Danny Woods
May 24, 2017

The girl suffered a superficial wound, five centimetres by 10 centimetres, on her lower body, Lau said. Despite being rescued, experts like Danielle Hyson, a senior marine mammal trainer at Vancouver Aquarium, said it could have been worse.

At one point, the sea lion rears up and huffs at the girl, who flinches and laughs.

She is now receiving proper treatment after the aquarium became concerned she may have may have broken skin after the encounter with the animal. Moments later, the sea lion jumps up, grabs a small child by her dress and drags her into the harbor water.

Apparently, the sea lion attacked after being fed off a dock. Fujiwara's video did not clearly show any blood or broken skin. There are also signs printed from Fisheries and Oceans Canada that detail the potential risks of feeding sea lions and the repercussions of doing so. "Give them space, give them respect, and just appreciate them from a distance".

The girl was with her family on the dock, feeding the sea lion, when it rose from the water toward her face.

Residents of a waterfront community in British Columbia are blaming human behaviour for a harrowing incident over the long weekend that saw a little girl yanked off a dock by a sea lion.

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During the roughly two-minute video, the sea lion could be seen circling beneath the wharf, next to a fishing boat. However, the existing law is fairly broad on the definition of "disturb", and there are amendments before Parliament to make it clear that feeding wild marine mammals is illegal.

If Bob Baziuk ever wanted publicity for his harbour's newly minted public wharf, he got it, following a dramatic video of a sea lion pulling a little girl under the Fraser River. Had a tooth lodged in her or on her dress, she could have been pulled further under water.

He hopes the flood of attention will help foster more respect for local marine life.

"We've now seen an example of why it's illegal to do this and why it's risky and frankly stupid to do this", he said.

"It was as big a surprise to the sea lion as it was to the little girl", said Trites.

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