Survivor 2017 - Who Went Home on 'Game Changers' Spoilers!

Danny Woods
May 19, 2017

Don't miss the two-hour Season FINALE of Survivor Game Changers, next Wednesday, 5/24 at 8/7c on CBS! Neither did Hali. But particularly Zeke and Cirie were two people who actually would have conversations with me and open the door for me so for me to turn my back on one person who was actually being nice to me in that game hurt me to my core because I didn't want to do it. This backfired when Sarah went up to Tai and began to whisper to him, telling him that he wasn't as safe as he thought he was.

Aubry is in tears about Andrea being voted off (we are, too, because we had Andrea in the office pool).

How did she get voted out? I'm thinking, man everyone turned on me except one person was kept out of the loop. I thought of Sarah as a sister. Aubry ran that info to Cirie, who then told it to Sarah.

"It was such a dark season, just from the beginning, with all the people that went out, and how they went out, the Varner incident, and then you kind of see in this post-merge game, there's a lot of manipulation, and using people's emotions against them", she said.

I was super-bummed [this time]. Jeff comments that tonight was clearly a game changer and with only six players and four days left he feels there is very little trust and he can not wait to see how it finishes. I didn't handle it as well as I did in Caramoan, and I think it was because this time around it was an all-or-nothing situation. Maku Maku eliminated and seemingly blindsided Andrea at Tribal Council on Night 33 of the game with six out of eight votes from Michaela, Sarah Lacina, Cirie Fields, Brad Culpepper, Tai Trang, and Troy "Troyzan" Robertson. When you're around her, does that push how good of a player she is into the background? Michaela also suggested that Cirie wouldn't have made the big move to use the "steal a vote" advantage if she had known she would be sending her close ally home in the process. However, it seemed like both Andrea and Sarah wanted to go after each other.

The Immunity challenge called "Can't Buoy Me Love" featured the castaways balancing on a small perch while holding a buoy that has two handles. With one head they are going to steady a balance board while simultaneously building a house of cards, The first person to build the house of cards wins immunity. Sarah agrees they will but Aubry disagrees. It just shows that this game really messes with you on an emotional level. That's the thing. If you make a few great moves at the end, I think Aubrey would still have a chance, and maybe Brad.

AB- So you actually appreciate the fact that it's moving quicker at that point. Let's take a look back on some of Michaela's finest moments on the island. I 100% felt very confident that if I got there, I would have a good shot at a million dollars.

Andrea already has plans to blindside Sarah, but we have our doubts. I am smiling when I was voting out because I think it was just the shock element. If she plays again, I imagine that advice will stick and the friendship they formed will serve her for years to come.

Jury: Haili, Ozzy, Debbie, Zeke, Sierra, Andrea. By playing Survivor you sign a contract you know that this is a thing that could come up. Troyzan says even when you do something nice for someone, the favor is rarely returned.

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"I had been thinking of several different things". He saw me as a challenge threat, and he was going at me [for that]. Since then, Andrea had caught onto Sarah's awesome strategy... and she's not a fan. I have a really bad track record with idols (laughs).

What lingering question do you have for Andrea, long after the game ended?

Sarah, aligning herself with Cirie, discussed what they were willing to do during Tribal.

I'm so happy for the experience, but Survivor is really tough. "It really can get to you". You also don't know how you're going to be portrayed, there's a lot of risks. I think Cirie and Aubry were my closest allies ultimately. What? You mean I'm not in charge? So that night I couldn't seep I had this revelation of, why not? "So, you know, I'm all for the one who plays the best to win, and I'll just leave it at that, with who I'm rooting for". No matter what everyone is going to know me as Andrea from Survivor.

"Manipulation is a huge part of Survivor, it's just how you do it", she added.

The reason why I wasn't seeing Brad or Troyzan in the end was that I couldn't see a path were that would happen.

AB: Do you enjoy watching the show each week?

Andrea- No! It's the worst! Where do you watch it? I had a lot more fun my first and second season. That's a new thing.

Andrea- No, I think I'm one of those players that has a pretty big separation.

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