Google Play Protect is the new public-facing security package for Android

Isaac Cain
June 1, 2017

The surprise news was announced yesterday during the tech firms annual developer conference in Silicon Valley, California. That's an AI-powered visual search tool that turns your smartphone camera into a pretty powerful search box.

Sending money over instant messenger isn't a new feature.

Android Pay users that have linked their PayPal accounts will soon be able to pay for goods when mobile shopping using the Chrome browser with just just a touch of their fingerprint.

Play Protect will run and continuously update in the background, but higher visibility will give users a clearer look into how their devices are protected, according to Engadget.

After 10 minutes trying to distinguish the Os from the zeros and type the password without making any mistakes, you resign yourself to another evening of eating into your data allowance.

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Apps that have been optimised for Android Go devices will be highlighted in the Google Play Store, though the Store will also offer the full library of Android apps available for regular phones. Ask anyone, however, and they'll tell you that the most exciting new features Google showed off on stage on Wednesday pertained to Google Assistant.

At this stage the app only operates in English, however, Google has announced that new languages will be available soon.

For instance if you have Uber running and then open Twitter to catch up on memes, rather than Uber using the GPS to get your location, the operating system will tell it your last location.

Instant apps also have a potential for software developers working for places where individual people will only visit a handful of times, say a museum or a theme park.

Google Play Protect is built into every Android device with Google Play and uses the latest in advanced machine learning technology to identify threats and automatically keep them off your device.

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