First trailer for 'Star Trek

Danny Woods
May 19, 2017

Other "Star Trek: Discovery" cast members include James Frain as the father of Mr. Spock, Anthony Rapp, Doug Jones and Rainn Wilson. First, there were no scenes with the Discovery or Captain Lorca.

No really, fans went insane on Twitter with how unbelievable this series looks.

The series will debut later this year, with the first episode premiering on CBS and all subsequent episodes exclusively on CBS All Access.

The ship is apparently the Shenzhou, a crafted commanded by the Han Bo, a Starfleet Captain portrayed by "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" star Michelle Yeoh.

"Star Trek" fans now have a good idea of what they're in for with the new CBS All Access series "Star Trek: Discovery".

The trailer starts with a line that holds a significant amount of weight. Why?

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The season-long story line will revolve around "an incident and an event in Star Trek history that's been talked about but never been explored", writer-producer Bryan Fuller told television critics in Beverly Hills, according to Entertainment Weekly.

These Klingons look much different than the Klingons we've seen in previous shows and movies.

They maintained that look in future shows and movies.

Although the action now takes place on the starship Discovery, the plot-lines don't stray far from the themes that turned the original '60s Star Trek into a cult classic.

The trailer is interspersed with shots of a Vulcan talking to someone we assume is the main character, first officer Michael Burnham. We do know that it has been written by Gretchen Berg and Aaron Harberts of "Pushing Daisies".

While it's exact release date is still unrevealed, "Discovery" will premiere on CBS sometime in the fall.

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