Amazon unveils 7-inch touchscreen Echo Show with Alexa support

Isaac Cain
May 20, 2017

But, you can see many useful things on Echo's native screen.

Amazon had its Echo speaker available earlier with the Alexa integration. You can also call from Echo to Echo, Echo Dot to Echo Dot and so on. The interesting thing, however, is the new touchscreen feature.

It's not clear if third-party Alexa devices will be included in the voice calling and messaging network.

When you're not using the Show's screen it will display the next appointment in your calendar and it can also tell you who might be up for a chat with the "Drop in" feature. The Echo Show can still play media and respond to voice commands just like the more traditional Echo, only it's also able to show you everything that you requested while you're at it. It was followed by the smaller Echo Dot, the portable Echo Tap and, most recently, the Amazon Echo Look which features a built-in camera and can provide outfit recommendations.

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Amazon will be adding another device to its Echo line and it is called the Echo Show. The device, which has been rumored for months, is the device first revealed in leaked images last week.

The video calling feature is proprietary and enables conversations between other contacts with an Echo or anyone using the Echo app on iOS or Android. Owners will know if there is such a voicemail message available to listen to, as the Echo's light will glow green. For example, asking Alexa about the weather is going to bring up detailed weather information on the display. Here's the Echo Show, an Echo with a touchscreen and camera. You can watch Youtube videos, or it can be your regular photo frame by downloading your photos from Amazon Prime. It sounds like you won't need to call someone else, but can simply access the camera on another Echo Show.

The Amazon Echo Show can do anything the OG Amazon Echo can do - except better!

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