Wait continues for April the giraffe to give birth

Faith Castro
April 9, 2017

Veterinarians at Animal Adventure Park has been posting daily updates on their Facebook page. A pregnant (human) mom's Facebook live video went viral after she spoofed April's live feed. Not much other to report on that front.

Avid watchers have been understanding of the 'unpredictability.' "I predict she will give birth...when she's ready and not a minute sooner".

YouTube briefly removed the live stream, then restored it - and a pregnant animal star was born.

The Animal Adventure Park set up a GoFundMe account for those wishing to donate to help out the giraffe "family fund".

She added it was a big baby, as the average baby giraffe is 6 feet tall and 150 pounds.

Once the calf is born, the zoo will hold a contest to name it. In addition to news of the birth, subscribers will be among the first to know if April's baby is male or female, the park in Harpursville, New York, announced on Monday.

April will wean her calf for six to 10 months before it will be moved to another facility to avoid incestuous mating.

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All else is well and fresh air and the outdoors was enjoyed at length today!

The owner of the Animal Adventure Park started the live stream so that people could keep up with April's pregnancy while the zoo is closed in the off-season.

Tens of thousands of people have been tuned in for days watching the reticulated giraffe walk around her pen and do very little else, waiting until she has the baby.

The zoo has also launched a GoFundMe campaign to offset the annual care of the giraffes and has also established a website for April. Almost 150,000 people have watched the giraffe's live stream. April's backend has some significant "bulging" occurring. By March 23, the park reported she had become notably slower, saying that April was "in the home stretch" of her pregnancy.

How can we tell if April is contracting? "Let's see if April's plan is to break up your work week!" one of the zookeepers quipped on Facebook. "Typically a giraffe can eat up to 75lbs of food per day", said officials in the online post.

Park staff have rolled out a text alert system to update fans on the birth when it comes - so maybe you can stop dragging your iPad to the bathroom just in case you miss something.

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