Trump celebrates Supreme Court success with Gorsuch

Frederick Owens
April 21, 2017

Neil Gorsuch was sworn in this morning as the nation's 113th Supreme Court Justice.

In addition, the Washington Post reported that the newest justice, "could be the deciding vote in a major separation of church and state case from Missouri". The court's familiar 5-member conservative majority has been restored.

Neil Gorsuch was has been sworn in as the US Supreme Court's ninth justice, retilting the bench to the right as he filled the seat left vacant by last year's death of conservative icon Antonin Scalia.

Trump said Americans would see in Gorsuch "a man who is deeply faithful to the Constitution of the United States" and predicted greatness for the 49-year-old former appeals court judge from Colorado.

Meanwhile, at Constitution Daily, Lyle Denniston notes that Gorsuch's "first assignment will be a role as a "Circuit Justice" with the duty to handle emergency matters that come up from a lower court in one of the nation's 13 federal circuits". "You think you're kind of hot stuff".

Sirens wailed in the background, a sign that street life took no break in the United States capital, even as the newest justice gave his very brief speech. Gorsuch looked slightly embarrassed.

Trump emphasized that Gorsuch's appointment has a special meaning. "I can not tell you how honored I am to have here today my mentor, Justice Kennedy, to administer the judicial oath, a attractive oath, as he did for me 11 years ago when I became a circuit judge", Gorsuch said.

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Though Trump refused to answer directly whether he supported the repeal of the 1973 ruling Roe v Wade which effectively legalised abortion, he had promised on the campaign trail to nominate a pro-life judge.

Both Trump and Gorsuch, in their remarks, noted the historical nature of Kennedy swearing-in his former law clerk. That prospect - to be triggered, perhaps, by Kennedy's retirement in the near future - would give Republicans a chance to move the court more firmly to the right. No wonder he is reportedly "obsessed" with the next vacancy. Some interesting facts about Gorsuch and the court: -He is the youngest nominee since Clarence Thomas, who was 43 when confirmed in 1991.

Gorsuch won his seat after an unusually partisan battle. But what happened on Monday-and over the 14 months preceding it-was truly unprecedented.

The first ceremony took place privately in the Justices' Conference Room, with Chief Justice John Roberts administering the oath required by the Constitution. Then Republicans changed the rules again, electing to eliminate the filibuster rather than attempting to compromise with Democrats. "Our country is counting on you to be wise, impartial and fair to serve under our laws not over them and to safeguard the right of people to govern their own affairs", said Trump to the newly appointed Supreme Court justice.

"Although he could not be here today, I especially want to express our gratitude to Senator Mitch McConnell for all he did to make this achievement possible", Trump told a gathering that included Scalia's widow, Maureen, and every sitting supreme court justice. Every time the court votes, 5-4, to further devastate class actions, or permit voter disenfranchisement, or invalidate limits on political donations, Trump can take some credit.

"To whom much is given, much will be expected", Gorsuch said.

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