Prince search warrants lay bare struggle with opioids

Danny Woods
April 19, 2017

Investigators say after learning of Prince's toxicology screening, which showed he had a lethal dose of Fentanyl in his system at the time of his death, they found no prescriptions issued under his name - but Johnson had a prescription for Oxycodone, which was prescribed by Dr. Michael Todd Schulenberg. Schulenberg said this was to protect Prince's privacy, but his attorney has stated that he prescribed the opioid with no knowledge that they would be provided to Prince. He told detectives that he had controlled substances in his backpack that he brought along to help Prince, but would not have administered them without a doctor present.

The post Opioids painkiller found in Prince's home appeared first on Vanguard News. The investigation into Prince's death is ongoing.

It's not known whether authorities will be filing charges against either Schulenberg or Kornfeld. The search warrants don't detail the results of those searches.

Dr. Schulenberg has previously disclosed all information regarding his care and treatment of Prince to his former employer, law enforcement authorities and regulatory authorities in the course of his complete cooperation with the investigation of Prince's death.

Investigators have said little about the case over the a year ago, other than it is active. The newly unsealed documents give the clearest picture yet of Prince's struggle with opioid painkillers. They did, however, find one written to his bodyguard, Kirk Johnson, for oxycodone.

Johnson was also the person who found Prince dead in the elevator of his home on April 21, 2016.

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Some overdoses, officials say, are attributable to the fact that people take what they believe is a pain pill of a strength they are familiar with and die because they are unaware it has been produced with a much stronger drug, such as fentanyl. The authorities are reported to have searched the singer's home, mobile phone records of his associates as well as his email accounts in an attempt to ascertain where he acquired the fentanyl.

On the same day that prescription was filled, Prince's private jet was forced to make an emergency landing in IL after the singer overdosed during a flight home after a concert in Atlanta.

Johnson's lawyer also distanced the bodyguard from any allegations of improper behaviour after the papers were released on Monday.

It's been almost a year since Prince died from an accidental drug overdose at his suburban Minneapolis estate, yet investigators still haven't interviewed a key associate or asked a grand jury to consider whether criminal charges are warranted, according to an official with knowledge of the investigation.

But they found nothing that would confirm the source of the powerful drug fentanyl that killed the musician. They still don't know the origin of those drugs and there has been no indication that they are poised to hold anyone responsible anytime soon. Television station K-T-T-C reports that the search warrant executed April 21st, 2016, was available for public viewing for the first time Monday.

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