Nintendo Switch Sells 906000 Units In March 2017 For North America

Isaac Cain
April 21, 2017

That makes Nintendo Switch one of the fastest-selling video game systems of all time. With the NPD Group's March results nigh, the Nintendo Switch has become the Japanese giant's fastest selling console in the United States, with 906,000 units sold in March. At the same time, a game intended for Nintendo's home-and-mobile game device, Zelda Breath of the Wild, has sold more copies than its partner console.

Breath of the Wild sold over 1.3 million units.

Above: Nintendo sold more Switch copies of Zelda than it sold Switches. If that weren't impressive enough, the consolemaker added that more Switch consoles were sold during its first month of availability than any other game system in Nintendo's history.

It has been over a month since the launch of Nintendo Switch, which also outsold PS4 and Xbox One for the month of March, and now a report has emerged suggesting Nintendo will launch a Nintendo Switch mini in its fiscal year 2018. Come on, I'm sure you can feel it too.

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In a press release, Nintendo announced they sold 906,000 units of the Nintendo Switch in March.

The Nintendo Switch is selling fast and breaking records at Nintendo. This means the Switch's attach rate exceeds 100%, which is a massive feat to say the least. The company acknowledged that "shipments have not yet been able to keep up with such high demand", and said that more systems are "continually being shipped". Indeed, there was a limited edition of Breath of the Wild that contained some rare swag (specifically a Sheikah Slate carrying case, a Sheikah Eye collectible coin, the Relic of Hyrule: Calamity Ganon Tapestry and weather-worn map, and a soundtrack CD). The battery pack accessories go on sale the same day, and look like they'll offer the side benefit of giving you more surface area to grip on the diminutive Joy-Cons.

But it's Nintendo with the momentum coming out of the first quarter of 2017, and it could maintain that success throughout the summer with launches like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Arms, and Splatoon 2.

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