Groups in Outlook now available for Android devices

Isaac Cain
April 21, 2017

In addition to that, the company also said it's killing off the consumer tasks app Wunderlist, which it bought less than two years ago.

As explained in a Microsoft blog post on Tuesday, customers must have either the Android or iOS version of the Microsoft Authenticator app on their smartphones, then enter their usernames as usual. You can use this app if want to jot down information about a computer you were looking at purchasing, write down websites you want to check out, or just enter in addresses of your friends and family.

Microsoft Authenticator is a free security app for your Microsoft-related accounts. The preview version of the To-Do is available for the admins of the Office 365 admin center. For long, the company has been testing the app under the codename "Project Cheshire". You can also add the people you want to receive notifications about the event from your contacts list. But which is the better all-around experience for you? The highlight of the app is the My-Day feature that allows you to focus on the lists of items scheduled for the day. The Wunderlist is already a fabulous app with wonderful features.

Very simple so fine as a basic to do list, but why not use the brilliant Wunderlist instead? BTW, if MS kill Wunderlist I shall be furious! We look forward to making To-Do even more useful, intuitive and personal. But the issue here is how much people love Wunderlist. Microsoft went through similar troubles when it started moving things from the Sunrise calendar app it acquired into Outlook's calendar. Similarly, Microsoft closed down Acompli after taking its smart features and putting them in Outlook.

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Fortunately there is one part of To-Do that makes it worth checking out: "Intelligent Suggestions".

In essence, To-Do is your typical to-do-list task app that allows you to set reminders, dates and notes to each entry.

Groups in Outlook was available for Windows since quite a while now and now Microsoft has made the same available to Outlook on all Smartphones especially Android, iOS and Mac. Also, the "pleeeenk!" sound you hear when you mark a task as done in Wunderlist is way more satisfying than the "pleuurrr!" sound in To-Do for iOS.

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