Fresno gunman gave police blow-by-blow of shootings of 3 men

Danny Woods
April 21, 2017

Muhammad dropped shell casings and reloaded his gun before setting of to Catholic Charities on North Fulton Street in Fresno, where he shot and killed a man he encountered in the parking lot, Dyer said Tuesday.

Authorities say 39-year-old Muhammad, who is black, was motivated by racial hatred, seeking to kill as many white people as he could.

Kori Ali Muhammad, a gunman who nicknamed himself "Black Jesus" shot and killed three strangers in a bid to kill as many white people as possible, police said. Police say Muhammad told detectives he targeted Randalls in the passenger seat of a PG&E truck because of his race.

Jackson's neighbor, Veronica Estrada, said that "there's always violence in this neighborhood". He told investigators that he did not like white men and that "white people were responsible for keeping the black people down". Fresno Police chief Jerry Dyer reviews notes on the triple fatal shooting before addressing the media Tuesday, April 18, 2017, in Fresno, Calif.

Muhammad's own father, Vincent Taylor, told the Times "that his son believed that he was part of an ongoing war between whites and blacks, and that 'a battle was about to take place.'" And Taylor said he was glad Muhammad was apprehended, because he was afraid there could have been more bloodshed.

The police chief says it doesn't appear the suspect who fatally shot three people is connected to terrorism despite the statement that he made.

It was not immediately clear why security got involved, but the woman started arguing with Carl Williams, a 25-year-old unarmed security guard, police said.

Williams was the first of four killings by Muhammad, authorities said.

On Tuesday morning, Muhammad had gone to buy items to practice voodoo rituals when he went to Starbucks instead, Dyer said.

Muhammad then shot at another person and missed, police said.

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Muhammad then went to a nearby school, "where he hid out by a trash dumpster", Dyer said. Muhammad picked out Jackson to follow because he was older and "appeared to be heavier", Dyer said Muhammad told investigators.

Muhammad starting running, until he saw a police vehicle, which had arrived within minutes of the initial shots. Muhammad practiced polytheism as an adult and frequented the Brass Unicorn in the Tower District where he bought a lot of the religious figures, or orishas, we saw in his bedroom and a shrine he built outside.

A day after police say Muhammad went on a shooting rampage in his city, Dyer says the suspect walked him through each murder - without showing a hint of remorse.

"And that's what he set out to do".

"As he was taken into custody, he yelled out, 'Allahu akbar, ' " Dyer said. A memorial of candles and flowers honors victims of Tuesday's shooting outside Catholic Charities Wednesday, April 19, 2017 in Fresno, Calif. Mark Gassett, 37, of Fresno, had just picked up groceries at a Catholi.

Brian Levin, director of California State University, San Bernardino's Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism, said many of Muhammad's social media postings make reference to terms used by the Nation of Islam, which has been labeled a racist hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. He fired one round into a vehicle that drove by, but then realized the people in the auto were Latina and stopped shooting.

David Jackson, 58, died at the scene.

Police later found a backpack with documents showing Muhammad's name, four revolver speed loaders and.357 caliber bullets.

Police say Kori Ali Muhammad on Tuesday singled out white victims and killed them at random because he believed there was a war going on between blacks and whites in America. "At the same time, he said he was not a coward".

"Kori was doing very, very, well, but then this thing called crack cocaine came about which you guys know about". At times, the suspect laughed while detailing the killings to police.

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