Facebook Spaces for Oculus VR launches today

Isaac Cain
April 20, 2017

The next step in the social site's embrace of virtual reality, it's effectively a live VR conference call - though clearly billed as something a lot more fun than that. The app is being launched in beta and can be downloaded from the Oculus Store.

Facebook also unveiled a Camera Effects platform for augmented reality that will allow both developers and mere mortals to create overlays using the camera feature inside the Facebook app.

Finally, we are going to see a real VR social app from Facebook.

But the creepiest thing about Facebook Spaces is that your VR clone can only smile.

That starts with the VR avatar. If your avatar takes a selfie, you tend to smile in real life too, she explained.

Augmented reality may be the key to Facebook dominating the next decade of mobile, but Facebook is building something incredibly forward-thinking as it rethinks how people experience deeply human emotions in virtual reality.

But that's not it, as Spaces lets you do so much more. You can do anything, with friends. "It captures head movements, even hand gesticulation". For the sake of humanity, we can only hope this is not the way we'll be communicating in the future. You can see everything that happens there. "Facebook is about authentic identity, which is fundamentally about humans". "It's not a chatroom where you're just talking". Once inside the virtual room, users can cycle through a variety of pre-set, panoramic backgrounds, or choose their own settings from their Facebook pictures.

The Messenger app has been greatly overhauled in recent years as Facebook seeks to turn it into more than just a messaging app and instead an entire platform. That's why even though it's an Oculus exclusive right now, Booth wants it to be on all VR hardware. David Marcus, the head of Messenger, wants to bloat this app even further by adding in a host of new integrations, many created to help users interact even more with businesses.

And like a social network, Facebook wants you to have the control over your space.

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Now, you'll be able to view some messages sent by the Facebook team in regards to the new effects.

Inside Spaces, users are represented by an avatar, which can be customized.

You're sitting in your aging, prewar apartment. The full Oculus setup costs $600, while the price of a VR-ready PC varies depending on how you build it. Readymade, entry-level options in the market range between $700 and $800.

Facebook just launched Spaces - its virtual chat room complete with cartoonish avatars, customizable environments and various multimedia offerings.

Facebook is home to millions of 360-degree videos.

How does Facebook Spaces work?

Put the controllers close to your face: makes your avatar make an "OH" face.

Facebook Spaces:Questioning eyes existed when Facebook made a decision to purchase the VR company, Oculus.

Thus, Facebook is also providing you with a bunch of tools which will enable you to draw, watch 360 videos, complete video calls on Messenger, play multiplayer games and click VR selfies of the avatars hanging out together.

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